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Impact of US : FOMC meeting announcement , Wednesday 18 March 09 at 2.15 PM ET - Must Read

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On basis of lots of inquire, i have try to explain the risk and impact of US Interest rate announcement on financial market below.

The Federal Open Market Committee consists of the seven Governors of the Federal Reserve Board and five Federal Reserve Bank presidents. The FOMC meets eight times a year in order to determine the near-term direction of monetary policy. Changes in monetary policy are now announced immediately after FOMC meetings.

The Fed determines interest rate policy at FOMC meetings. These meetings occur roughly every six weeks and are the single most influential event for the markets. For weeks in advance, market participants speculate about the possibility of an interest rate change -- or a change in the wording of the post-FOMC announcement that suggests a shift in policy -- at these meetings. If the outcome is different from expectations, the impact on the markets can be dramatic and far-reaching.
The interest rate set by the Fed, the federal funds rate, serves as a benchmark for all other rates. A change in the fed funds rate, the lending rate banks charge each other for the use of overnight funds, translates directly through to all other interest rates from Treasury bonds to mortgage loans. It also changes the dynamics of competition for investor dollars: when bonds yield 10 percent, they will attract more money away from stocks than when they only yield 5 percent.
The level of interest rates affects the economy. Higher interest rates tend to slow economic activity; lower interest rates stimulate economic activity. Either way, interest rates influence the sales environment. In the consumer sector, few homes or cars will be purchased when interest rates rise. Furthermore, interest rate costs are a significant factor for many businesses, particularly for companies with high debt loads or who have to finance high inventory levels. This interest cost has a direct impact on corporate profits. The bottom line is that higher interest rates are bearish for the financial markets, while lower interest rates are bullish.

Risk with News Trading

As with all major economic releases, there could be significant price volatility with this announcement.  Currency spreads will typically widen just before the release and will remain wide for a few minutes after.  If the announcement is a shock to the consensus estimate, the price of the currency pair could gap significantly.  For example, the price on the EURUSD trading at 1.2820 - 1.2822 just before release could gap up 60 pips to 1.2880 - 1.2882, without any available prices available between the price of 1.2820 and 1.2882.  A Buy Stop placed before the announcement at 1.2830 would turn into a Market Order and would be filled at the prevailing price 1.2882.  The same would be true with a Sell Stop.

Approximately four years ago we saw a gap of approximately 200 pips on the GBPUSD on a Non-Farm Payroll announcement.  While this is an extreme example, it nevertheless is a possibility with trading during economic announcements.  Consequently, plan on the spreads widening and, if you are trading with a Buy or a Sell Stop entry order, do not anticipate being filled at your entry price. You will be filled at the prevailing market price after the release, which could be significantly different from your desired price of your entry order. 

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